Pictures: A glance at Emmanuel Makandiwa’s expensive mansion

Pictures: A glance at Emmanuel Makandiwa’s expensive mansion.

Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Glen Lorne mansion remains one of Harare’s finest and most expensive.

Born Shingirai Chirume, Emmanuel Makandiwa became famous as the founder of the UFIC Church.

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Through his church, he became one of the wealthiest person in Zimbabwe, and he showed it through his mansion.

He also owned several assets, like luxurious cars, showing his lavish appearance.


Makandiwa’s mansion took many years to complete, showing its size.

It attracted a lot of attention when a rumour mill reported that it was importing expensive building materials from South Africa.

Watching from outside, one would argue that Makandiwa’s mansion was one of the largest in the country.

It is said to have 30 large bedrooms, and its design is out of this world.

The mansion’s entrance, with its sweeping staircase, high ceilings and intricate details, gave a sense of majesty and splendour that was fit for royalty.

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It is constructed from premium building materials, features lavish décor and has a variety of upscale amenities.

The house has an outdoor play area, a swimming pool and a tennis ball court.

Many Zimbabweans said that Makandiwa was living a Hollywood lifestyle in Zimbabwe.

Despite the exact cost of Makandiwa’s mansion not being disclosed, it is undoubtedly expensive.

Indeed, it is a mansion most Zimbabweans can only dream of.

Emmanuel Makandiwa’s expensive mansion. image via Instagram


Besides his expensive Glen Lorne mansion, Emmanuel Makandiwa owns several businesses and buildings.

His Chitungwiza Church remains one of his most prominent buildings but has many.

He also owns several South African mansions and has been staying there recently.

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Makandiwa was also building a school in Sunningdale, and its size got many Zimbabweans talking.

Indeed, they could not understand how he got the money to do all those things. 

Besides buildings and cars, Makandiwa also owns several businesses outside the country.


During his early days, when he moved out of AFM to form UFIC, Makandiwa made headlines alongside Uebert Angel.

Among them was the famous miracle baby scandal, where a baby was claimed to be born in three days.

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He also did the miracle money tricks, selling bricks, claiming they would help congregants to build houses.

Emmanuel Makandiwa did many things that nobody could explain, but here we are; he owns an expensive mansion in Glen Lorne.

He was also deeply connected to the Zanu PF ruling party, and many Zimbabweans believed that’s how he got so many privileges.

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