Lorraine Guyo celebrates her birthday, her age shocks Zimbabweans

Lorraine Guyo celebrates her birthday, her age shocks Zimbabweans

Socialite and comedian actress Lorraine ‘Nginyengeiwo’ Guyo is celebrating her birthday, and she has since left Zimbabweans shocked by her actual age. It’s been a long since Lorraine made headlines in 2019, becoming one of the top female celebs in Zimbabwe. She is not the Pokelo kind of a person but has managed to make her vibes. In one way or another, the birthday girl doesn’t struggle to put food on her table. She is growing to be a fine lady we never imagined when she asked to be proposed to 4 years ago.

A few days ago, Lorraine saw herself trending after her boyfriend gave her a car as Valentine’s gift. She stole the show on Valentine’s over many female celebs like Mai TT, Madam Boss and others. She showed that she is still a force to be reckoned with. Today, she celebrates her birthday sending fans wild when she speaks of her age. Is she that young? Indeed? Lorraine is really what she says she is, thanks to her outstanding beauty that makes her stand out.

Lorraine Guyo – Image Credit: Instagram

What is Lorraine Guyo’s actual age?

As she celebrates her birthday today, 23 February 2023, the actress has a few words for herself as she posts on her Facebook page. She did have much to say but rather some bossy words, and she said that it’s annoying to others that she is still young and 23 years old. Her post attracted so much attention that many fans were shocked that Lorraine is 23 years old.

If you have been asking yourself that question, here is the answer you seek. Today, Lorraine is 29 years old, and the 23 years she said on Facebook was just a joke to tease her fans.

I bet it rocks and annoys others that I’m still young kkkk. Here is what she said:
Happy birthday Lorraine Guyo
23 Check In ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lorraine Guyo celebrates her birthday, her age shocks Zimbabweans
Lorraine Guyo – Image Credit: Instagram

Lorraine Guyo’s rise to popularity

She gained fame in 2019 after a video of her appealing for a Valentine’s Day date went viral on social media. She became known as the “Ndinyengeiwo” girl, which means “please give me a boyfriend” in the Shona language.

Following her viral video, Lorraine Guyo became a popular figure on social media in Zimbabwe. She has since used her platform to advocate for various social causes, including mental health awareness and women’s rights. She has also pursued a career in acting, starring in several local films and television shows.

In addition to her entertainment career, Lorraine Guyo is also an entrepreneur. She runs a fashion and beauty business called “POSH by Lorraine,” which sells women’s clothing, jewellery, and beauty products.

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