Watch: George Chigova’s wife’s funeral speech left fans in tears

George Chigova wife funeral

George Chigova’s wife’s funeral speech left fans in tears as she mourned her husband.

It was an untimely death to the former Zimbabwe Warriors and SuperSport goalkeeper

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The news of Chigova caught many Zimbabweans off-guard, and they were left heartbroken.

As many fans mourned Chigova, they were not as hurt as his wife.

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The bubbly lady expressed her hurt in a speech during the funeral proceedings, and it touched many fans.

Zimcelebs captured such a moment and left many fans in tears on Instagram.

“George Chigova’s wife’s full speech at Chigova’s funeral. Go well ziKeeper”

George Chigova wife funeral
George Chigova. image via Instagram @zimcelebs_official


Expressing how much her husband’s death hurt her, Nokhuthula Mangena was in tears.

She spoke of how much she would have to make the children understand that their father would not return.

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She said the children were already asking her when they would be daddy coming back for their birthday.

While on stage, Nokhutula brought their daughter, but she looked as if she did not understand what was happening.


After George Chigova’s wife gave her funeral speech, many fans were also in tears.

Alba Gumbi “Macompanies ayo anozoda kuenda muhupenyu hwemunhu afa😢”

MRDREAMCHASER🌊 “Haaa the pain of losing someone you love so ka😫 haiwa ma1, mhsrip🕊️”

Stephen Mutsura “If you are reading this right now, May God heal your wounded heart, remove your pain, stress, depression, anxiety, worries and problems. And, He may replace them with good health, everlasting happiness and peace.❤️”

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Miss Madwapela “The lady holding her is the definition of “I’ll be strong for you friend “ ❤️”

her._antidote🪵💕 “haa izvi zvinorwadza amana asi Mwari akaita kuda kwake ,hapana zvatingaite …May His Soul Rest in Peace😢🕊️💔”

Ngonidzashe Njay Jumbe “😢pasi rarohwa nanyundo😢😢😢😢 so painful Dai hupenyu hwaitengwa 💔💔💔”