‘Your Royal Highness’ – Inside Olinda Chapel’s UK mansion [watch]

Olinda Chapel's mansion

Inside Olinda Chapel’s UK mansion – She lives lavishly and is unapologetic about it, and her house screams luxury. She has undoubtedly managed to keep her private life under wraps over the years, but Zimbabweans have connected the dots of her UK house.

The UK-based Zimbabwean businesswoman has made many headlines, from marital woes to the life of glitz and glamour.

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When she dropped photos and videos of her UK mansion, Olinda Chapel once pulled a shocker. She lives in a three-storey mansion.

Of interest is the fact that her mansion is located on her reportedly farm. She is reportedly spreading her wings by farming her latest career path. In a viral video, she said she had more than 200 cows and hoped to expand her knowledge.

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Well, she lives in a mansion on her farm. The mansion has glass walls that allow more natural light. High walls are complimented with artefacts that bring vibrance to the rooms.

Unconfirmed reports have it that it has an open-plan kitchen

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Chandeliers dropped dead from the high ceilings. On the other hand, the house also boasts fixed beam lights. No doubt, it is the epitome of luxury.

However, little is known how many rooms it boasts. Against the viral pictures and videos, Zimbabweans have been trying to connect the dots on the mansion price tag, but she has managed to keep it under wraps.

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