Watch: Stunner leads George Chigova’s funeral proceedings

Stunner George Chigova funeral proceedings

Musician Stunner led the proceedings at George Chigova’s funeral in South Africa.

The news of Chigova’s death shocked Zimbabweans as his untimely death shocked fans.

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Many fans had been looking for the cause of his death, but it seemed Chigova had a heart problem.

After the news of his death made rounds on social media, many fans looked forward to mourning him.

Unfortunately, not many could be able to attend his funeral now that he was in South Africa.

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But indeed, getting to see the funeral proceedings gave closure to most of his fans.

Zim celebs shared the videos on their Instagram, and they appreciated what Stunner did.

“Capturing touching moments from Chigova’s funeral in South Africa: Stunner, also known as Mdara Dziva, leads mourners in a heartfelt tribute to the late Chigova. #RIPChigova”

Stunner George Chigova funeral proceedings
The late George Chigova . image via Instagram @zimcelebs_official


It was a sad moment as the family members and close friends gathered in mourning.

Among them was famous musician Stunner, who used his talent to keep people alive.

Traditionally, Zimbabweans sing a lot during funerals, and sometimes, they do not sleep the whole night.

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Stunner was doing this, keeping everyone awake and away from deep thinking.

The hip hop star sang the popular song ‘Tipeiwo nguva yekuchema gamba redu’.

The song can be described as pleading for time to mourn a hero.


After a video of Stunner leading George Chigova’s funeral proceedings went viral, many Zimbabweans praised him.l

elviddo23j_backup “By 2099 tese tiri mu comment section muno tenge tafa at large 💔, rest in peace to us in advance 🔥🕊️….”

trey.musatishore “Stunner Zvaanotogona kuimba zvekumariro …Rest ln peace Chigova😢😢”

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_gully_45 “Gringo na Stunner morega kurovana ikoko moziya mafambira mariro”

iam_stallone “Dziva haisiriyo calling yavo here iyi. Yekuimba pa Nhamo not pa Stage…”

vmtee_zw “Thanks stunner…chigova deserves a fair farewell manje hameno kt macelebs edu achaenda here ivo vachiri muroad kunobata maoko kwana garry 😢”