WATCH: Dynamos fans clash with police during Harare derby

Dynamos fans clash Harare derby

Dynamos fans clash with police during the Harare derby, which Zimbabwe football fans have highly rated since its heydays.

The Harare derby is an encounter between Zimbabwe football giants CAPS United and Dynamos.

Due to the high-intensity nature of the game, the Zimbabwe Republic Police officers are deployed in their numbers.

Dynamos fans clash with police
dynamos fans in action

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During such matches, that is the only time when many Harare residents attend in huge numbers to witness the match.


Harare Derby as of now is dominated by Dynamos and CAPS United by far is underperforming and it is going through hard times.

During the derby time, Dynamos fans have their favourite players that they appreciate for their previous performance.

The video of Dynamos fans clashing with police over giving Denver Mukamba money has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped.

@Manex Magoche commented: “These youngsters should emulate from Denver Mukamba that at Dynamos if you perform well the supporters will always have your back nomatter what. Let him reap what he worked for”

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@ Kingston Takudzwa Matienga posted: “Guys Denver haana kungomuka aakupihwa mari nema fans but its because he worked hard inspiring mafans ese till he stole the hearts of all supporters, even non dynamos fans recognised what Denver has done for our psl particularly in a blue and white Jersey. Now as long as Denver is in the Dembare dressing room, he will receive his offerings from the fans and trying to stop that kumisa chitima nemaoko hachimire. Let the youngsters in the Dembare dressing room learn and work hard, their work will be rewarded. Denver anodiwa nevanhu and hamutimise kumuda musade kuti forcer kusamuda he is our prodigal son. Zvipo kuna Denver hatiregi”

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@ Wizy DeGunner commented: “Sunday offering”

@ Kingbeny Mtoma commented: “Mupei mukana imi makochi edembare mukamba ndo dembare yachoo saka moregerei kuti atambe anodiwa nevanhu vake. I love Denver neniwo fut.”