In pictures: Meet Prophet Walter Magaya’s wife

Prophet Walter Magaya wife

Meet Prophet Walter Magaya’s wife as he celebrated his birthday.

Prophet Magaya remains one of the most famous prophets in Zimbabwe.

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He founded Yadah and has a massive following at his Waterfalls Zindoga Church.

Unlike many prophets, Magaya had not been so public with his wife as she stayed away from his trade.

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She only goes to Church but is not involved much in the church’s daily running like other prophets’ wives do.

Magaya shared a picture of walking with his wife, celebrating his birthday and inviting his congregants to a dinner.

“It’s a happy birthday! See you at dinner this evening!”

 Prophet Walter Magaya wife
Prophet Walter Magaya. image via Instagram @prophetw.magaya


Tendai Katsiga, Walter Magaya’s wife, was born on 20 August, when Magaya wished her a happy birthday.

Tendai was a professional banker but had not been working for some time.

Prophet Walter Magaya and his wife had been married for 15 years and were blessed with two children.

Tendai is most described as calm and has proved it several times.

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Her husband was cited in many sexual scandals, but it seemed Tendai knew the profile of her husband.

Magaya once gave all the credit for his success as a prophet to his wife, Tendai Magaya.

“Mama Magaya is one of the greatest gifts l have ever received from the Lord. My ministry has been made easier by our union which has stood for all these years.”


After Prophet Walter Magaya wished himself a happy birthday alongside Tendai, many fans/congregants joined.

“Happy Birthday my espiritual Grandfather god bless you and your family ❤️❤️”

“🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Powerful healing Sir Prophet Supernatural angelic network of God ✅ My Father Prophetw Magaya”

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“😍❤️ Happy Birthday Daddy. We love you Mum and Dad 😍❤️”

“I’m really happy to Share this day with you @prophetw.magaya 🙏🏼 the time We shaked hands things were never the same again another blessed year given by God it is🙏🏼”

“Happy birthday man of God Malawi love you🔥🔥”