‘Kuna DJ Ollah 7 ndiko kwatinoenda’: Baba Harare backs Ollah

Baba Harare back DJ Ollah

Famous Zimbabwean musician Baba Harare backed DJ Ollah 7’s decision to leave Star FM.

DJ Ollah had been one of the finest DJs at Star FM and a fan favourite on radio.

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His show, The After Drive, attracted nationwide attention as he interviewed celebs.

After Ollah announced his decision to start a new Podcast, many celebs have been discussing it.

Among them was Stunner, who thought that Ollah had made a wrong decision and may have struggled.

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Indeed, not every celeb had the same thinking as Stunner as Baba Harare thinks otherwise.

When Stunner warned DJ Ollah, he spoke of how things would turn upside down.

“Ola bafethu, usati wasiya basa understand kuti wakangofanana nemukadzi anonyengwa ari pamurume wake, ukangoita single havachadi”

Baba Harare back DJ Ollah
Baba Harare. image via Instagram @babaharare_


Sharing on his Facebook, Baba Harare said that Ollah made a great move that he would support.

“Whilst it is financially secure staying under a big brand, what you did from an artistical perspective was very brave.” he started.

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“The freedom of being your boss and taking your career in the trajectory you want is priceless.” he continued, speaking of the bold move.

“Just know kuti kuna DJ Ollah 7 ndiko kwatinoenda. Congratulations on going independent. It was a wise move 👏🏾👏🏾” he finished assuring him.


As Baba Harare backed DJ Ollah, many fans supported Ollah for making a great move.

“Well spoken city father👌, Go Olla sky is the limit”

“We once did this Brave ,,,now we all the way up Baba Harare”

“But what really happened? What is planned or what? Anyways will stand with u DJ Ollah , best wishes in your new endeavors.”

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“💯 kuna DJ Ollah ndokwatinoenda. No one ever got rich from employment anyway. There is growth in leaving ur comfort zone 💪🏿”

“Even baba Harare left band remurefu to become a coiling master. Every seed should fell off a tree to become a tree itself.Never remain a seed forever.”