Controversial rapper Stunner warns DJ Ollah 7 after Star FM exit

Stunner warns DJ Ollah 7

Stunner warns DJ Ollah 7 in the backdrop of his dramatic exit from Star FM. Award-winning radio presenter DJ Ollah is making headlines in the backdrop of his resignation from Star FM.

The radio host pulled a shocker when he revealed that he was leaving the station immediately, leaving many trying to connect the dots about the reasons behind his exit.

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However, he has since made it known that he will spread his wings with his podcast show.

The DJ intends to start what he described as one of the biggest podcasts, The Ollah 7 show. No doubt his On The Spot show had become one of the most followed shows on radio.

DJ Ollah was happy about his new move: “It’s gonna be lit ๐Ÿ”ฅ trust me.”

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However, against his official statement, social media has been set abuzz after controversial rapper Stunner shared his two cents in the backdrop of his resignation.

Stunner said that the DJ should have stayed at Star FM and negotiated a better contract, allowing him to do other shows independently. He also noted that celebrities usually associate with the brand rather than the host.

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His Instagram post has undoubtedly gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on the internet. Fans quickly flooded into Stunner’s comment section with their two cents.

Some gave Stunner a nod. However, on the other hand, some swipe at the rapper for trying to dim DJ Ollah’s light in the backdrop of his newfound fame.

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