Top Gear – Jah Prayzah’s flashiest cars [photos]

Jah Prayzah’s cars

Over the years, Jah Prayzah’s flashiest cars have often thrust him into top trends. No doubt award-winning musician Mukudzeyi Mukombe lives a life of glitz and glamour.

With a career spanning years, he has managed to splurge millions on exotic cars, often thrusting him into top trends.

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Against the backdrop of his newfound fame, he has been spotted driving around several cars, which cost a fortune.

He is undoubtedly a favourite fan of American cars and has splurged millions on them. Jah Prayzah reportedly owns a Dodge Ram 1500 with a price tag of $32 000.

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He also drives around with a 2015 Cadillac Escalade, which costs about $50 000. It boasts around 420 horsepower and a V8 engine.

Jah Prayzah has been spotted driving around a Range Rover Discovery 4. However, little is known about its price tag.

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Despite having the most sought-after cars in his fleet, Jah Prayzah’s favourite car is a Mercedes-Benz S Class.

The vintage Mercedes-Benz costs a fortune and doesn’t come cheap, given its unavailability on the market.

Unconfirmed reports have it that the rare S Class is selling for $100 000 in several dealerships dotted around the world. However, little is known about how much the star singer spent on the car.


He has since established himself as a businessman in his own right and has several business investments under his watch. Jah Prayzah owns several houses dotted around Africa. He lives in a lush mansion in the Pokugara Residential Estate.

Jah Prayzah has profited from endorsement deals with companies like Nyaradza Funeral Group and Pokugara Town Houses.

In the backdrop of his newfound fame, he reportedly established a clothing line named after him.

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