Watch: Baba Harare runs away from a twerking fan

Baba Harare twerking fan

Zimbabwean musician Baba Harare runs away from a twerking fan on stage.

Baba Harare is well known for his Jiti hit songs associated with controversial dance moves.

His lyrics had been questioned several times, but it seemed he had won Zimbabweans’ hearts.

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This time, a lady showed how much she loved him and wanted to dance for him.

While on stage, Baba Harare could not tolerate her, and her twerking became controversial.

Without humiliating her, Baba Harare slowly excused himself away from him.

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Many fans noticed that he was running away and started screaming with joy.

Sharing on their Instagram, Zim Celebs were thrilled by Baba Harare’s composure.

“@babaharare_ vane respect kani 👏 gents, urine waitiza here apa or waimira?”

Baba Harare twerking fan
Baba Harare. image via Instagram @babaharare


Whilist playing one of his Jiti hit songs, Baba Harare, he allowed one female fan to come to the stage.

She started dancing well, facing Baba Harare and greeting him, and many thought that was all.

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Indeed, they had not seen what the young lady wanted to show onstage.

When the song was hitting its peak, she gave Baba Harare her back, and that’s when he understood what was happening.

He lost words and could only retreat, running away from her as fans found it funny.


Many fans found it funny after Baba Harare ran away from a twerking fan on stage.

“Hayaa ndosaka vakomana vedu vachizotirambidza magirl’s outing handina hangu mukomana but still mucharambidzisa vamwe imi 😂”

“He is in a serious relationship 😂haadi muyedzo”

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“aitya kumisa uyu….wait, ndrikutoona like his walking away coz atomisa”

“His basically respecting himself nd the ond he is in a relationship with. Nice One Father City. Maratidza kuva kubasa not kufadza kaHure akoo.”

“Prolly an unpopular opinion but damnnn baba Harare vanonakidza kutarisa… I mean look at all that maleness😂”