In pictures: Inside Madam Boss’ car collection

Madam Boss car collection

Here is a look into famous Zimbabwean socialite Madam Boss’s car collection.

Madam Boss is one of the most famous comedians and socialites and has many followers.

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Madam Boss is most known for her skirts as a housemaid, making her go viral on Facebook.

She grew to become one of the most prominent influencers in the country and had been making much.

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She signed many deals with top companies in Zimbabwe and seemed to be pocketing quite much.

Recently, she got her latest car from Talkchartofficial and looked happy.

“This is what happens wakafadza varungu wakashanda nesimba unokohwa mukoho wakanaka thank you Talkchartofficial for buying us cars as the Brand Ambassadors tirikufara zvekuti”

Madam Boss car collection
Madam Boss. image via Instagram @madambosszim


Madam Boss owns several cars besides her recent Honda Fit from Talk Chart.

She usually drives the white Range Rover she bought in January 2023.

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This car is her favourite, and she usually drives it whenever she goes to essential events.

Madam Boss bought this beautiful car after an accident destroyed her Ford Wildtrack.

Besides these, she also owned a few fuel savers that she usually buys and sells at will.


After Madam Boss added another car to her collection, many fans congratulated her.

“Mwari waunonamata ndomudawo ini 😢”

“Imi muri vekungopiwa Mota haaa nyangwe iro garage harisi razara here ama Dzabu chichatiuraya ipressure yamunotipa guys”

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“Congratulations mama Dzabu 🔥🔥. This life no balance some are winning some are in chikurubhi”

“Ko dzamakambotengerwa na Passion dziya dzakaendepi”