BREAKING: Tinashe Mutarisi’s IG account hacked

Tinashe Mutarisi hacked

Nash Paints founder Tinashe Mutarisi’s Instagram account was hacked.

Tinashe Mutarisi had been making many headlines after he clashed with Passion Java.

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The issue started with Tinashe Mutarisi’s electricity issues at Nash Paints.

Mutarisi revealed that Passion Java and his friends were behind the problems in his burst-up.

He even included Mudiwa Hood in his accusations, but Mudiwa pleaded innocent.

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He only wanted to facilitate peace between his brothers and penned a lengthy message.

Passion Java shared the news of Mutarisi’s Instagram page, and he was happy.

“Pane atarisa account yaMutarisi here Kopo.”


Before he was hacked, Tinashe Mutarisi had penned a lengthy message to Passion Java expressing his anger.

“Passion Java called me yesterday aina Mudiwa claiming and lying kuti he was sent by higher authorities to campaign against me and my business. It is a lie as no one has authorized or sent them and it is simply their attention-seeking behavior.” he said.

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“It is not the system that is fighting against me, but rather him and his vain friends who fail to comprehend why people still support and admire me without having to boast like they do. They attempted to befriend me, but I declined to join their destructive cliques that aim to undermine the values of our nation.” he continued.

“They have always desired a direct confrontation with me, despite my pleas for them to leave me alone. Unfortunately, they have continuously attacked both me and my business without any valid reason.
Their actions stem from jealousy, as they are unable to attain the love and respect from the people of Zimbabwe that I effortlessly receive. I am grateful to the people of Zimbabwe for their unwavering support, which has become a powerful shield against these haters.” he finished.


After Passion Java shared a message about Tinashe Mutarisi’s IG being hacked, he angered many fans.

“Mutarisi is a hardworking richman. You are a dependent of a rich wife. Without your wife you don’t have a thing. Just pay the guy his money.”

“May Lord Bless Mutarisi because he is a Hard working man , Forward Ever Backwards never to Mutarisi, in Jesus name Amen”

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“Apa Tinashe akungorova blue tick hake tichiri Zero pazvibodzwa”

“As a member of Mental health Department ,we sincerely apologize to the general public for this very act of nuisance. The poster is one of our psychiatric patients who escaped last night. here, we assure you that we will do whatever it takes to get him back. So i urge the public to go about your various business as everything is under control. Thanks for your understanding.”

“Java is expecting Mutarisi to respond but to no avail.i believe that saying empty vessels make the most noise.”