250 km/h – Get to know South Africa’s fastest road, the N14

South Africa’s fastest road

What’s the speed limit on South Africa’s fastest road? Undoubtedly, it is a shocker to many that one of the fastest roads in the world is found in South Africa.

South Africa boasts some of the best roads in Africa and is home to the world’s fastest road, according to Detour.

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Confirmed reports have it that South Africa’s Northern Cape is the home of the speediest road in the continent, with a speed limit of 250km/h.

Over the years, the province has quickly become a haven for automakers to test upcoming products because of its geographical nature.

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The fastest road in Africa is found on the N14, which connects Pretoria with Springbok. The South African government has since created a special dispensation for testing new models at extremely high speeds.

A 55 km stretch between Pofadder and Kakamas on the N14 is considered the fastest road globally, with a speed limit of 250 km/h. However, of interest is the fact that the larger part of the N14 has a speed limit of 120 km/h.

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Despite the road having a speed limit of 250 km/h, not everyone is allowed to clock the speed limit without the government’s approval.

The law governing the speed limit states that the driver, to clock the speed, has to have special permission from the government and several regulatory bodies to be permitted to use the speed limit.

Cars bearing High-Speed Test Vehicles Approved by the Government are the only ones allowed to drive at 250 km/h.