Watch: Mai TT’s homecoming party breaks internet

Mai TT homecoming party

Mai TT’s homecoming party left many fans at war on social media.

After serving well the five months of her nine-month jail term, famous comedian Mai TT is now free.

The high court acquitted her after noticing that the Magistrate’s Court wrongfully convicted her.

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Who doesn’t feel happy when their loved ones return home from prison?

Mai Titi’s friends and family celebrated her return from prison with a homecoming party.

However, the party, held at her house, stole attention on social media and received backlash and supportive reactions from fans.

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 Some social media users, however, took this with a grain of salt and criticized her for consistently coming up with attention-seeking events (homecoming parties).

Sharing on their Instagram, Zim Celebs said her lawyer confirmed that she was wrongfully convicted.

“The judges noted that Murata was wrongfully convicted and quashed the conviction and sentence.”

Mai TT homecoming party
Mai TT. image via Instagram @zimcelebs_official


After Mai TT shared videos of her homecoming party with friends and family, some fans were unhappy.

They argued that she was a fraudster who should always stay behind bars.

Noxy little “Ipai vanhu mari dzavo please mumbomira demoparty.”

Nancy Singano “She has a very big problem. No wonder why she is always in trouble. Vanonyanyoraramira vanhu.”

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Tawanda Mark Matongo “Vanhu vose avo kungouya kuzodya paprty vakawanda havakudi.”

David Nhawu “Chikiti ipa vanhu mari dzavo..mbavha yomunhu.”

Apart from the criticism of her homecoming part received, some social media users provide advice and support to the socialite.


Apart from the party’s criticism, Mai Titi also received supportive messages.

Ruru Baby “Go Mura Go. We all make mistakes but life still goes on.”

Mike LION “Enjoy girl, you deserve happiness.”

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Rudo Homwe “Ramba uchikakata famba chisikana. Always loving you our Cat mother.”

However, judging from the social media users’ comments, it is clear that a certain number of people are not happy with Mai Titi’s homecoming party. Still, there is also a large number of people who support her.