Watch: Makhadzi’s Raroorwa challenge by Enzo Ishall breaks TikTok

Makhadzi Raroorwa challenge

South African musician Makhadzi did the Raroorwa challenge by Enzo Ishall on TikTok.

Enzo Ishall’s hit song Roorwa has been trending on TikTok, with many fans doing the challenge.

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When it seemed like the challenge was losing its heat, famous South African musician Makhadzi joined.

Not many fans knew that Makhadzi understood Shona, but she did well in the challenge.

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It seemed what Makhadzi did with the Roorwa challenge made many Zimbabweans forgive her in the Winky D saga.

Sharing on her TikTok, Makhadzi spoke of what she said to Shona after lunch.

“Me speaking Shona after l ate koloso and beetroots”

Makhadzi Raroorwa challenge
Makhadzi. image via Instagram @makhadzisa


The song by Enzo Ishall Raroorwa spoke of how much a small house was married by another man.

At the same time, the man who used to date that side woman was saying he was spending time with the boys.

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This was all Makhadzi portrayed when she was on her phone pretending to be calling a man and informing him about the marriage.

Other than only enjoying Makhadzi’s challenge, it seemed some fans gushed over her beauty.

Her outfit was also an attraction to many fans who openly spoke about it.


After Makhadzi shared her video of Enzo Ishall’s Raroorwa challenge, many fans loved it.

“she nailed the whole verse but failed to pronounce Winky D… 😂😂 it’s okay”

“Zimbabweans 🇿🇼 let’s gather here 😂😂she nailed it shame 👌👌”

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“Yes my queen please come bek to beitbridge Zimbabwe pagoma.Im your biggest fan?I love you makhadzi.”

“But in Zimbabwe we don’t call it kosolo it’s definitely giving Venda😂😂😂”

“my sister your lip singing you nailed it do you understand what the song mean”

“Imagine not to be Zimbabwean,,hahahah but for real Zimbabwe has got good a vibe 😊”