In pictures: Bamunini Nijo shows off the face of his newborn baby

Nijo newborn baby face

Zimbabwean comedia Nijo showed off the face of his newborn baby on Instagram.

Nijo is popularly known for his roles in many comedy skits alongside Comic Pastor.

He made many headlines when he tied the knot back in April 2021.

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At his wedding, Nigo made many headlines, with his dancing taking all the attention.

Since then, he has gone private with his private life, not exposing his wife much.

Indeed, the bubbly lady was pregnant and did not want much public attention.

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A few months after their wedding, Nijo announced that they had a baby, and fans loved it.

Surprisingly, Nijo told his fans when his baby was a month old.

“This guy has been living with us for one full month now! No rent, just eating our food and sleeping. He needs to get a job ASAP”


Even when Nijo told his fans about his new baby, he did not show the face of the baby.

Indeed, only he knew why he did not want fans to know his face.

Many fans had been curious to see the face of the baby, but here is Nijo sharing the pics with fans.

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Sharing on his Instagram, Nijo spoke of how happy he was and how much his baby was glowing.

“You GLOW different when you don’t pay RENT. But some of us have bills to pay so please all friends in the UK 🇬🇧 buy your tickets to our comedy show, this Saturday ❣️. The link is in my bio !”


After Bamunini Nijo shared pictures of his newborn baby, many fans loved it.

“Munotipa pressure yekumitisa tisati tane mari apa 🔥😂”

“Why not London so that we all travel coming Central…Bhemaz ine chimuti zvayo 😮‍💨”

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“Ha pakutoda ma DNA tests apa nigel mwana akafanana nani uyu ha kushaiwawo waakafanana naye”

“😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂mwana akafitira kutanga kunzi pay rent achingotanga grade one chete uyu”

“I pray he gets to live a serious life mwana uyu asiyane nezvinoita daddy vake because kukaita vanhu 2 vanenge @thaslickpastor tofa nekuseka”