‘Dear late father’: Tinashe Mutarisi’s letter to his late dad divides fans

Tinashe Mutarisi late father

Zimbabwean businessman Tinashe Mutarisi penned a letter to his late father and left fans divided on Instagram.

Tinashe Mutarisi had been one of the most successful young businessmen in Zimbabwe.

His Nash group had been growing so fast that they had several branches outside the country.

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With such a massive profile, Mutarisi is among the celebs that most young Zimbabweans look up to.

A few days ago, he made headlines when he clashed with Passion Java and Mudiwa.

He claimed they were trying to make him look like the wrong person and had an idea to destroy his business.

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All the news went viral until they started speaking of their connections, even with the PresideNT.

Speaking of how much they wanted to destroy his business by lies, Tinashe penned a lengthy message.

Part of it clearly showed how frustrated he was.

“They have always desired a direct confrontation with me, despite my pleas for them to leave me alone. Unfortunately, they have continuously attacked both me and my business without any valid reason.”

Tinashe Mutarisi late father
Tinashe Mutarisi and his son. image via Instagram @tinashemutarisi


Sharing on his Instagram, Tinashe Mutarisi spoke of how much his late father instilled fear in them.

“Dear late father, this could have been us but maingotyisa tyisa zvisina kana art plus taiva 23 boys and 5 girls hamaimbozvigona Gono even Kodak firimu raipera. (Please follow my son @tinashe._jm )” he said.

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“Anyway you fathered me the best way you knew how to, plus pamakasiira ndakazopedzisa vaninin’na zvava zvigondora.” he continued.

“Question; Should we raise our kids the way we were raised?” he finished starting a discussion on parenthood.


After Tinashe Mutarisi shared his letter to his late father, his message divided many fans.

“😂😂😂😂 mbiri yekutyisa kwaSekuru takainzwawo kuno hanzi he was a no-nonsense-man”

“Haaaaaaaaa kumwe kufanana so ka,, anyway the answer is No, we can’t raise our kids the way yatakakura nayo baba, iya ndiyo yaive njada njada”

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“Baba vako kana vangavane bhara, iwe uchatenga ngoro, kana vanga vane ngoro iwe uchatenga mota, kana vanga vane mota iwe uchatenga ndenge kana vavane ndege, handizozivewo hangu, Mwari achitikomborera👏😍”

“I think we were raise very tough, with social services on our backs tinovatorerwa vana vakakurira mu care. My daughter one day decided she is vegan from nowhere, amai vangu vaiti zvavabika ndozvinodyiwa unozoita vegan wakumba kwako lol”