BREAKING: Mai TT released from jail – now a free woman

Mai TT jail free

Zimbabwean comedian Mai TT was released from jail by the High Court and is now a free woman.

The famous socialite made headlines a few months ago when she went behind bars.

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Since then, her fans have been trying much to help her to come out, including donating money.

Mai TT was convicted of theft, and in a case, she did not serve her community service in full.

The controversial lady was supposed to serve 12 months in jail, but here is the good news for her fans.

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Indeed, her release left many fans happy and eager to see her again.

One fan responded on Zim Celebs with so much joy to watch Mai TT again.

“We are ready for fresh drama from her 😂”

Mai TT jail free
Mai TT. image via Instagram @maitsdiaries


Her lawyer spoke of her release, and he was happy that she was now free.

“Felistas Murata, popularly known as Mai TT’s appeal has been upheld by the court. She was arguing that the relationship between her and Rachel Mhuka, in which she was owing US$10,000, was not one that when she left the vehicle, it was collateral,” he said.

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“And again, the agreement between her and the complainant in the case, which was the car hire, was not such that it created a trust agreement or trust relationship, which was essentially the element of the offence.” he continued/

“So the State agreed with us in its submission. Mai TT has been freed by the High Court. She has been found not guilty. The sentence and conviction have been quashed. Definitely today or tomorrow she’ll be out to entertain her fans.” he finished with so much excitement.


After the news that Mai TT was free coming out of jail, many fans celebrated on Zim Celebs.

“Haaa tichati totanga kumama ne noise nema live at large zvedu 🙌… zvichinzi Ndanga ndasuwa kupiswa mushini”

“Yesaya 👌👌👌👌 this is great news can’t wait for the live. ❤️ I’m here for the details,the insults, the fifth wedding everything”

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“Lol Free from wat..jail?she was outside the whole fucking tym anyway😂”

“The social media streets will never be the same again , the content creator is back 😂”

“Ndofunga vakatoti chikurubhi Yose ingamame neEdzi regai vabude zvavo.. Chembere inoita zvese zvese iyii…Sies mann”