Nyalleng Thibedi biography, age, boyfriend, abuse, children, family, education, career, net worth, Uzalo

Nyalleng Thibedi biography

Nyalleng Thibedi biography, age, boyfriend, abuse, children, family, education, career, net worth, Uzalo

Nyalleng Thibedi is a South African engineer and actor popularly known for his role on SABC 1 drama series Uzalo as Zekhethelo.

Interestingly, Nyalleng grew up with her dreams of being an Engineer, and she became one.

Fortunately, she later accidentally fell into acting, and she discovered a talent that was buried in her.

Her beauty, her brains and her talent are a rare things to find.

If you have been wondering about her details and career path, here is the information you need of Nyalleng’s age, boyfriend, abuse claims and net worth.

Profile Summary

Full name: Nyalleng Thibedi

Date of birth: 4 September 1980

Age: 43 years old

Place of birth: Rockville, Soweto

Children: 1

Marital status: Single

Net worth: R1.5 million

Nyalleng Thibedi’s early life, age

Born and bred in Rockville, Soweto, the beautiful actress is 43.

Nyalleng grew up a brilliant young girl who had big dreams.

She wanted to be an engineer, and she made sure to be one.

She finished her academics and worked for a few years as a Chemical engineer before her life turned the other way to a completely different industry of arts.

Nyalleng Thibedi biography
Nyalleng Thibedi. image via Instagram @princess_nyalleng

Nyalleng Thibedi’s boyfriend, children, and family

The bubbly actress is not yet married but is blessed with one child.

Since her rise to popularity, Nyalleng has favoured living a private life and decided not to reveal his love life to the public.

This made it hard for fans to guess the man she was in love with.

She has also decided against sharing any information about her parents.

Nyalleng Thibedi on her relationship with an abusive boyfriend

Her decision to remain private or at least single resulted from her life experiences.

Some years ago, Nytalleng fell into the hands of an abusive man she fell in love with.

The unidentified ex-boyfriend abused Nyalleng so much that she became an activist against abuse.

She always speaks of how difficult it was for her to come out. In her own words, Nyalleng said:

“I always remember our conversation when my ex and I were courting. We were sitting by the Hudson River and talking about our childhoods. He told me, for the first time, that his stepfather abused his mother. He described the nature of the abuse and how he was just eight years old. I remember that something inside me told me this wasn’t a good sign… not because he was a bad person but because he had witnessed abuse since he was eight. That was an alarm for me, but I ignored it because, women, we always think we can change people.”

Nyalleng Thibedi’s academic qualifications and education

Arguably one of the most intelligent and learned actresses of her generation.

As shocking as it may sound, Nyalleng is a Chemical Engineer by profession.

She studied for a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cape Town.

She took this degree and graduated before she had any idea or imagination of being an actress one day.

A few years after her graduation, she decided to try a new career in acting, and she went straight to New York, where she studied Dramatic Arts.

Speaking of her switch from engineering to acting, Nyalleng said:

“I learned about the concept of the actors’ studio and decided to move to the Americas. I spent a total of SIX years in the US working, taking classes, being part of a theatre group and acting in any stage production I could get involved in,”

Nyalleng Thibedi’s career, Uzalo

Nyalleng first found her feet in the acting industry in 2008 when she was featured in Picture Perfect while studying in New York.

After finishing her studies, she came back home and scooped a role in a drama series called Streets of Mangaung, where she showed her outstanding skills.

Since then, she got many other roles until she signed up for Uzalo, where she became a national darling. Below is the list of the shows she featured in

  • The Society
  • iLobolo
  • Single Mothers.
  • Uzalo

Nyalleng Tsibedi’s net worth

Other than acting, Nyalleng is also involved in modelling and social influencing.

This has also helped her to boost her bank account. Her net worth is estimated at R1.5 million as of 2023.