Moshe Ndiki biography, age, family, husband, wife, baby mama, net worth

Moshe Ndiki biography age

Moshe Ndiki is a South African actor, socialite and comedian who rose to stardom through his comedy videos on Youtube imitating celebs. His work attracted so much attention; now, he is a celebrity.

Full name: Moshe Ndiki

Date of birth: 9 March 1987

Age: 36 years old

Place of birth: East London, South Africa

Children: 1 (one)

Early life, age

Moshe Ndiki was born on 9 March 1987 in East London, South Africa.

He grew up with his parents and brothers. As of March 2023, Moshe Ndiki is 36 years old.

Moshe Ndiki’s family, mother and siblings, baby

Moshe comes from a united and prominent family. He was born together with his eight brothers. Moshe Ndiki has one baby who he had through surrogacy in 2020.

Moshe Ndiki biography age
Moshe Ndiki. image via Instagram @moshendiki

Ndiki named his baby Thalanda Ilanga Ntaba Alexander.

Moshe Niki’s husband, boyfriend, wife,

The actor shocked the fans when he publicly announced that he was in love with his boyfriend, Phelo Bala.

The couple got married later in 2019 before they divorced, leaving many of their fans heartbroken.

Since Moshe was in love with Phelo, he had gone private with his love life, and whether he was in a relationship was unknown.

Moshe Ndiki’s career, Gomora Mr Faku

Thanks to his outstanding speech skills, Moshe has hosted many top events since his rise to stardom, with shows like Hookah Festival 2017 and Cruel Summer 2013 to 2015.

He also featured on The Queen before he joined Gomora. Below is what he said about his debut in acting.

“When I first obtained my character on The Queen, I had to study and work to find him. People believe it was simple since he’s homosexual, but that’s the only thing we have in common. Acting as Prince was difficult for me because I am gay, he is a multi-layered character, and his backstory differs from mine. As many people believe, we are not cut from the same cloth. Our backgrounds are diverse, as are our tales. It’s like every other person playing a straight guy who isn’t him.”

He started his close relationship with Gomora when he commented on Instagram about Melusi and Gladys’ relationship.

Then he attracted so much interest from the show’s producers and was invited to lay out his feelings in person; that was his breakthrough into acting.

A few months later, he was featured on the show as a Gomora High School English teacher.

He is also Melusi’s relative, who has a lot of drama and trouble around him.

Moshe Ndiki’s net worth

The actor has amassed a net worth of R6.4 million from his acting career and YouTube channel.