Who is Holy Ten? his biography, career. cars, girlfriend and more

Who is Holy Ten

Who is Holy Ten? his biography, career. cars, girlfriend and more

Holy Ten, whose real name is Mukudzei Chitsama, is a Zimbabwean hip-hop artist and rapper. He gained popularity through his unique style of rapping and storytelling in his music. Holy Ten’s songs often touch on social and political issues, reflecting the realities of life in Zimbabwe.

Full name: Mukudzei Chitsama

Age: 24 years old)

Date of birth: 18 November 1998

Place of birth: Zaka

Wife: Kimberley Richard (m 2023)

Children: 1 (with Tariro Chelsea)

Net worth: $24 000


Holy Ten grew up in Zimre Park, where he attended primary school.

Later on, he went on to Speciss collage, where he attended his secondary education.

While at Speciss college, Holy Ten fell in love with music, and that is when he started his music career.

Holy Ten is seeking to advance his academic journey as soon as time allows him.

He once spoke of wanting to go and study at the University of Zimbabwe one day.

Who is Holy Ten
Holy Ten. image via Instagram @holytenmusic


The 24-year-old rapper was once in a relationship with influencer Tariro Chelsea, and together they have a son.

After his relationship with Tariro failed, he went on to fall in love with Kimberl Richards a fellow musician and model.

In March 2023, Kimberly and Holy Ten had their traditional wedding in Bulawayo.

A few months later, they announced the news that Kimberly was pregnant and expecting.

Holy Ten comes from a stable family, and he said that both his parents are still alive.


The rapper is a top fan of Mercedes Benz cars.

He owns several of these cars, and his fleet is estimated at $30 000.

He also owns other several cars that are not BMWs, like a Honda Fit that he uses when making local rounds in Zimre Park.

As of 2023, Holy Ten does not have any house of his own.

He is only renting together with her wife Kimberly Richards.


Holy Ten’s musical journey began with a twist of fate. While in school, Holy Ten noticed that some of his classmates and friends were delving into the art of beat-making.

In an attempt to join a group called the Fruit Loops and explore his passion for music, he resorted to a little white lie, claiming that he too, possessed beat-making skills.

With this fabricated expertise, he embarked on his musical endeavor while disconnecting from the internet.

Initially, Holy Ten indulged in writing lyrics and rapping purely for enjoyment.

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However, his deceit caught up with him when his friend, JT, discovered the truth about his lack of beat-making abilities.

Despite this setback, JT took pity on Holy Ten and generously taught him the art of producing beats, marking a turning point in his career.

At the age of 18, Holy Ten ventured into creating his own music. While his early compositions garnered some attention, his breakthrough moment came in 2021 with the release of the track “Ndaremerwa,” catapulting him to widespread fame.

Since then, Holy Ten has continued to make waves in the music industry, sharing his talent through EPs, albums, and collaborations with notable artists such as Winky D, Qounfuzed, Anita Jackson, and many others.


In 2021, there was a notable incident involving two prominent Zimbabwean artists, Enzo Ishall and Holy Ten, which sparked a public feud. Enzo Ishall, a well-known Zimdancehall artist, took to social media and proclaimed himself as the King of Zim hip hop.

Holy Ten, on the other hand, believed that he was the best in the game, leading to a heated exchange between the two.

In response to Enzo’s claim, Holy Ten released a diss track titled “Ko Makuita Sei,” targeting Enzo.

A few days later, Enzo retaliated with his own diss track called “Takuita so.” The public beef between the two artists was intense at first, but it eventually subsided when they decided to bury the hatchet. They even went on to perform together at shows, indicating that the rivalry was resolved amicably.

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Moving forward to December 31, 2022, popular Zimdancehall artist Winky D launched his album titled “Eureka Eureka.” In the subsequent days of early 2023, Winky D gradually released his songs from the album.

Each song featured collaborations with various artists. Holy Ten was featured on a track called “Ibotso,” which sparked controversy.

Known for his advocacy for the girl child, Holy Ten wrote and rapped a verse for the song. However, some listeners interpreted the track as having political undertones.

Holy Ten distanced himself from the perceived political aspect of the song and claimed that he was misled by Winky D.

This caused a significant backlash on social media, with many Zimbabweans labelling Winky D as the voice of the people.

Consequently, numerous individuals unfollowed Holy Ten on social media, and other artists openly criticized him.