Domestic Horror: Bulawayo Stepmother on the Run After Killing Stepdaughter

Bulawayo Stepmother killing Stepdaughter

Domestic Horror: Bulawayo Stepmother on the Run After Killing Stepdaughter

Police in Bulawayo are searching for Priscilla Muchape(stepmother), a woman accused of killing her stepdaughter in May. The incident occurred when Muchape woke her two stepdaughters to go to the toilet.


Assault and Injuries

The deceased refused to wake up, which angered Muchape, who then assaulted her with open hands, kicked her stomach, and pushed her against the wall. The girl screamed once before collapsing, sustaining head injuries that led to her death. “Circumstances are that on the 26th of May 2023 the now deceased and her elder sister an 8-year-old were awakened by their step mother Pricilla Muchape during the night to go to the toilet. The now deceased collapsed after screaming once. She sustained head injuries which led to her death. The body of the now deceased had multiply injuries, a fresh cut on the left ear, legs, feet and a swollen head”, stated Inspector Abednico Ncube.

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Manhunt and Appeal for Information

The accused person disappeared soon after committing the offense, and her whereabouts are currently unknown. Police are appealing for information that may assist in the location of Priscilla Muchape.

Another story: Woman Seeks Peace Order Against Tenant Over HIV Status

A Harare woman has sought legal action against her tenant, accusing her of emotional abuse and public humiliation over her HIV status.

Harassment and Insults

The tenant has been accused of taunting, insulting, and using obscene language towards the woman, causing her immense emotional distress.

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Legal Action

After repeated incidents, the woman applied for a peace order against her tenant, stating that her behavior has affected her daily life.


The incidents highlight the need for greater awareness and action against domestic abuse and discrimination.