Socialite superstar Madam Boss takes internet by storm: Watch her sing Makhadzi’s new song during labor

Madam Boss labor

Popular socialite and comedian, Madam Boss, has caused a stir on Instagram with a captivating video that captures her in the midst of labor.

The video, generously shared across her various social media platforms, features Madam Boss lying on a hospital bed, playfully mouthing the lyrics to the latest hit song “Dear Ex (Zwininakele)” by South African songstress Makhadzi.

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Interestingly, Makhadzi herself recently went viral with the release of two groundbreaking singles, namely “Dear Ex (Zwininakele)” and “Niazwifha.”

In a cleverly orchestrated promotional video, Madam Boss skillfully creates a labor scene set in a maternity ward.

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This symbolic performance not only signifies the start of her independent journey as a musician, following her departure from Open Mic and the establishment of her own record label, Makhadzi Entertainment, but it has also sparked speculation that she may be welcoming her second child into the world.

By sharing this captivating video of herself lip-syncing to Makhadzi’s compelling track while simulating different positions on a hospital bed, Madam Boss has ignited conversations and fueled anticipation among her fans.



Amidst an outpouring of comments, KVG’s loyal supporters showered her with words of support, urging her to stay strong and sending warm wishes for a safe delivery. Nonetheless, a few skeptics speculated that she had already given birth, questioning whether the intense pain of labor would hinder her ability to continue creating content.

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Here are a few excerpts from the comments flooding her social media platforms:

Winnie Mukurechaza:

I feel like trikutamba delayed match


Hard Times never kills instead it makes you stronger …As Zimbabwean women w are s happy fr you 😊.🎊 Congratulations Queen.


Hatisati yarwadza kana ichiti kukwanisa kubatwa phone😂


Ayas. Get some rest. That phone must be confiscated


I love the way you put out everything…🥺you too realistic to everything you do @Madamboss Zim ❤️‍🔥so much love from Masvingo Mama and Congrats 💐🍾

You can watch the video below:


Ah yah 😂😂😂kutozviseka hangu @Makhadzi Music

♬ Dear EX (Zwininakele) – Makhadzi Entertainment