Revealed: Mai TT’s birthday party to continue in these conditions

Mai TT Chikurubi Prison performance

The organizers of the Winter Warmer Concert have officially announced that the event, scheduled to take place on July 2nd at Harare Gardens, will proceed as initially intended, despite the current detainment of popular comedian Mai TT.

Undeterred by these circumstances, the organizers remain steadfast in their determination to celebrate Mai TT’s birthday during this festive gathering, designed for the enjoyment of the entire family.

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The concert will showcase prominent sungura artist Alick Macheso, alongside Dorcas Moyo and Mathias Mhere, who will serve as the main performers for the occasion.

Mai TT birthday party
Mai TT. image via Instagram @maitsdiaries

In an exclusive interview with H-Metro, Samuel “Boss Werras” Saungweme, one of the event organizers, reaffirmed their decision to carry on with the show as originally planned.

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He emphasized the organizers’ unwavering commitment to commemorating the birthday of the esteemed comedian amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the Winter Warmer Concert.

“The show continues as planned. We have a huge line-up and Mai TT was part of the event to celebrate her birthday and we will still honour that even in her absence. The performing artists are still there. We are not going to abandon the plans, we are going to honour her while she is in prison. We are also going to engage relevant authorities and see if she can send a message to her fans when we visit her one of the days,” said Boss Werras

Mai TT Now At Chikurubi Female Prison

Felistas Murata, popularly known as Mai TT, has been found guilty of theft of trust property.

The case involved her surrendering a hired car as collateral to a loan shark and later reclaiming it, as well as surrendering an invalid passport as collateral.

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Following the verdict, she has been sentenced to 12 months in prison, with six months suspended on the condition that she refrains from engaging in any similar offenses over the next five years.

As a result, she will effectively serve six months behind bars for the committed crime.

The trial took place at the Harare Magistrates Court, where it was revealed that Mai TT had previously failed to comply with a court order requiring her to fulfill community service obligations.

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This failure occurred after her conviction for assault in 2015.

Due to her defaulting on 105 hours of community service, she was subsequently sentenced to three months in prison.

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