From behind bars: Mai TT’s inspiring musical performance shines at Chikurubi Prison

Mai TT Chikurubi Prison performance

Mai TT’s live performance in Chikurubi prison thrilled inmates.

Mai Tt, a well-known influencer on social media, has demonstrated her resourcefulness and resilience by turning adversity into an opportunity.

Currently serving a collective nine-month prison sentence for neglecting community service obligations dating back eight years and being found guilty of trust property theft, Mai Tt has found a way to occupy herself within the confines of the prison walls.

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In a captivating video shared by H-Metro tabloid on Monday, viewers were captivated by Mai Tt’s rendition of the popular song “Chiremera” by Jah Prayzah.

Mai TT Chikurubi Prison performance
Mai TT. image via Instagram @maitsdiaries


With skillful employment of the lyrics, “Hauwoni zidanda ririmuziso rako” (which translates to “Can’t you see the log in your eye”), she astutely questions why people are so quick to criticize her flaws while ignoring their own significant shortcomings.

Dressed in her prison attire, Mai Tt proceeds to deliver an impressive performance of the song “Rita,” a collaboration with Baba Harare.

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Seizing control of the microphone like the Jamaican performers of the past, the comedian signals the DJ to pause the music.

She then showcases her remarkable ability to command the crowd, instructing the audience to take three steps back and chant, “Mai Tt, we wanna party.”

Her fellow female inmates enthusiastically embrace the request, creating an atmosphere of celebration before she resumes her captivating performance.

Feel free to watch the video below to witness Mai Tt’s prison performance firsthand.


Despite the regrettable detainment of popular comedian Mai TT, the Winter Warmer Concert is steadfastly moving forward as planned.

This exciting event, set to enchant attendees at the enchanting Harare Gardens on July 2, will not be deterred.

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Mai TT had been eagerly looking forward to celebrating her birthday during this delightful gathering, which promises mesmerizing performances by acclaimed Sungura maestro Alick Macheso, as well as renowned gospel musicians Dorcas Moyo and Mathias Mhere.