Watch: Dr Nandipha Magudumana’s first salary shock Mzansi

Dr Nandipha first salary

In a recent episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG, Dr Nandipha Magudumana shared an intriguing revelation about her first salary.

The media had been buzzing about her connection with Thabo Bester, which had garnered significant attention in South Africa.

While some perceive her as a criminal, it is important to note that the courts have yet to reach a verdict on the matter.

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Amidst the ongoing controversy, a video from the past resurfaced, featuring Dr Nandipha discussing her profession and income.

During the conversation, MacG inquired about her first salary, to which she appeared momentarily uncertain, suggesting a lapse in memory.

However, she eventually responded with the following statement:

“If l remember correctly, l would say that at that time it was about R30K”

Dr Nandipha first salary
Dr Nandipha. Image via YouTube @podcastandchillwithmacg


The interview, conducted long before her scandals, has recently resurfaced, sparking a range of emotions among the public.

Many fans were taken aback by the substantial amount of money she received, equivalent to her initial salary.

Additionally, there were those who pondered their own career choices, contemplating if they should have pursued a path in medicine instead.

Certain individuals expressed their discontent by hurling harsh remarks at her for seemingly compromising her career by collaborating with someone like Thabo Bester, who has a criminal record.


Responding to the interview about Dr Nandipha’s first salary, fans left many comments including the below:

“I should have become a doctor than an engineer 30k. Aysuka. Futhi nje I quit…”

“Ab then the R30k was not enough she wanted millions with this Thabo Bester scam😭🔥🔥”

“I am still wondering what the hell was she doing na le Thabo Bester mxm”

“If bester was a broke person would she have involved herself with him the answer is NO. It was about the money like most women!”

“It’s been awhile people say that educated women sometimes goes with dogy guys”

“as an intern that is a massive salary. lets just face it he appealed to her evil side. the way she smiles at court appearances. cold one that. still think she was involved in more heinous crimes.”