All you should know about the SASSA Easypay green card

Everything you need to know about Finbond SASSA loans

Key Takeaways

  • If you are a SASSA beneficiary, you may get a loan under Easy pay loans
  • A green card is given to anyone who opens a bank account with a Grindrod bank account
  • The Easypay green card loan facility is not linked to SASSA in any manner
  • Taking an EasyPay loan will not affect your SASSA benefits

What is a SASSA Easypay green card?

The SASSA Easypay green card is an electronic bank card given to people who have opened a Grindrod bank account whilst they are beneficiaries of the SASSA grants. This arrangement is made to allow SASSA grant beneficiaries to access loans from the bank and to withdraw their grants without charges.

All you should know about the SASSA Easypay green card
All you should know about the SASSA Easypay green card

Many people took the SASSA Easypay green cards without proper research and expected what the Grindrod bank doesn’t offer. However, this doesn’t mean that the SASSA green card is a bad arrangement altogether. The Greencard has many advantages that will be detailed in this report.

In other words, the SASSA Easypay green card is like any other bank account you have ever seen. It can be used for many transactions like buying groceries in shops or to withdraw money from the ATM.

The link between the SASSA grants and the SASSA Easypay green cards

In an arrangement to help those in need of financial aid, Grindrod bank created a product specifically for SASSA grants beneficiaries. This is to allow beneficiaries to get loans from the bank whilst expected to pay the loan back using the SASSA grant money.

The process of opening a SASSA Easypay green card

It is key to understand that if you are not yet a beneficiary of the Social welfare grants (SASSA), You do not qualify for a SASSA Easypay green card. Only SASSA beneficiaries can apply for the green card. This is to mean that, if you intend to apply for this card, you need to first apply for the social iad grants first before you apply for the green card.

Once you are a SASSA beneficiary, you can apply for the SASSA Easy pay green card with Moneyline (a Net1 Subsidiary. This is to say that once you have opened your Easypay account, your money from SASSA will be transferred to your Easypay account, leaving your SASSA account at zero balance. However, you are able to use the transferred money from the new account at the much cheaper transaction and withdrawal costs.

Advantages of a SASSA Easypay green card

Loan facility opportunity

One of the main reasons you ask about the Easypay green card may be that you are looking for extra money. Most of the beneficiaries of SASSA are not able to meet all their financial demands, and before the next payment comes, they are already at zero. This has facilitated a need for extra money (loan), and Moneyline covered you with the extra money you need. More will be detailed on the EasyPay loans below.

Easy to open an account.

Creating a new account had been one of the most boring things when dealing with banks. Thankfully, the Moneyline team made it a simple process that will take a few minutes of your day. The staff will assist you throughout the process, making your life better.

Easy to understand the process

Unlike the first days, many South Africans were confused by the process and disappointed. This also led to SASSA issuing a statement distancing themselves from EasyPay’s green card. Fortunately, Moneyline dedicated some time to really invest in passing on the information about the green card. Now the process is clear as follows.

Firstly, you open an account with EasyPay Everywhere such that you can transfer your money into the account from your SASSA grant account. This was after the SASSA denied companies transferring money directly from the SASSA grant account into another bank account. Hence this transfer is facilitated by you and not the bank.

Getting a loan is easy

Once you have opened your account with Moneyline and EasyPay Everywhere, applying for a loan becomes much easier than ever before. The fact that this facility was made to give out loans to SASSA beneficiaries means that the Moneyline officials will easily guide you until you get a loan. Clearly, SASSA EasyPay loans have been a source of relief for many South African people who fall in need.

Fast to get money when you apply for a loan

Other than waiting for many days, probably weeks, to get a loan approved, SASSA EasyPay loans are much faster than many loans available. This means you can rely upon EasyPay SASSA loans whenever you fall into an unforeseen situation that stretches your normal budget.

EasyPay loans are legal

There have been many people who got lured into dangerous loan deals that made them regret in the future. Loan Sharks are popularly known for their sweet tongue when they try to convince you to get a loan from them, but the end game is sour for the borrower. This is the opposite of EasyPay loans; they have been legally recognised, socially responsible, and trusted for many years. They are known for their commitment to serving and bailing out South African from Financial stress. They don’t give you loan amounts that you will not be able to pay for, and this will ease your life when the repayments are required.

How to apply for a SASSA EasyPay green card

Before you get an EasyPay green card, you need to complete a short application process to open a Moneyline account. There are certain basic requirements that you must meet before you your application can be considered successful.

What is needed to apply for a SASSA EasyPay green card

  • You must be a South African resident, refugee or Under Asylum
  • You must be 18 years or above
  • Bring your national ID card
  • Proof of residence is needed
  • Affidavit form to confirm that you are a SASSA beneficiary


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