Watch: Nadia Nakai’s best moments before AKA’s death

Watch: Nadia Nakai's best moments before AKA's death

Nadia Nakai and AKA had been deep in love and they had been an inspiration to many young South Africans. The two top musicians had managed to be friends both on their music careers and in their love life. Together they used to party, eat and mostly travel together. They always made sure that they enjoyed their best times together.

It seemed that this journey will last forever, Nadia and AKA’s love journey could not last anymore. They loved each other to death and we pay our respects to Nadia for losing her boyfriend and we all say rest in peace AKA. The whole country is in shock following his death from a gun shot. But here is his best moments with Nadia Nakai before his death. They really enjoyed their best moments and only time stopped them.

Watch: Nadia Nakai's best moments before AKA's death
Nadia Nakai and AKA – Image Credit: Instagram

Nadia Nakai and AKA’s best moments before his death

A few weeks ago, AKA turned 35 and his birthday was nothing other than classy. Of course, it was all Nadia’s ideas as she took out her lover to enjoy expensively. Sharing on her Instagram handle, Nadia said:

“Happy Birthday my baby! I love you so much!! You protect me so much! And lift me up… I learn so much from you everyday!!!! And have theeee most fun with you!!! I’m so proud of you!!!!! You’re my blessing! ❤️”

As they enjoyed his birthday in style, no one among them ever imagined that it would be their last birthday celebration together. What a sad moment and history they shall always remember. A  few hours before AKA got shot, Nadia even shared an Instagram video glowing and looking as happy as ever before. Indeed, AKA’s death surprised her.

Watch Nadia Nakai’s last video before AKA’s death

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