Confirmed: South African Hip Hop rapper AKA shot dead in Durban

AKA: The Man Behind the Music, A Story of Triumph and Legacy

Confirmed: South African Hip Hop rapper AKA shot dead in Durban

The South African rap scene has been sent into a tailspin with the reported death of AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes.

Despite the details still being shrouded in mystery, it’s said that the 35-year-old was set to take the stage at a birthday bash in Durban on February 10th, 2023, when all hell broke loose in a hail of bullets outside a Florida Road restaurant.

AKA -Source: Instagram
AKA -Source: Instagram

The news of AKA’s passing hasn’t been confirmed by those closest to him yet, but the internet has been buzzing with condolences from famous faces such as Da L.E.S and cryptic tweets from Julius Malema and Nandi Madida.

The father of one, who has a daughter named Kairo with DJ Zinhle and was dating rapper Nadia Nakai, had a tumultuous personal life, including an engagement to Anele Tembe who tragically took her own life in April 2021. The South African rap community waits with bated breath for official confirmation of this heart-wrenching news.

Confirmed: South African Hip Hop rapper AKA shot dead in Durban

ENCA reporter Dasen Thathiah confirmed an incident involving a prominent rapper, although he did not disclose the name.

“Reports are coming that in about the fatal shooting of a prominent rapper on Florida Road in Durban. Sources say a friend was also shot when a suspect ran across the road and fired at them,” he tweeted.

Videos and photographs of the scene bearing captions with shock and disbelief have started flooding the Twitter feeds last night.
On the scene, Netcare 911 paramedics can be seen covering the body outside an establishment.

AKA -Source: Instagram
AKA -Source: Instagram

Also what can be seen is a large contingent of blue lights (police and  Durban Metro police) on the scene and barricade tape cordoning off the scene.

Tribute messages have not only poured in from AKA’s fans, but from peers in the entertainment industry such as DA LES, Tbo Touch, Black Coffee, Prince Kaybee and many more…

This is a developing story.




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