Revealed: Musa Khawula reveals DJ Sumbody’s killer

Revealed: Musa Khawula reveals DJ Sumbody's killer

Social media was set ablaze when controversial blogger Musa Khawula let the cat out of the bag about South African DJ Oupa John Sefoka, best known as DJ Sumbody. The celebrated DJ died in December 2022 after he was showered with a hail of bullets. His death came as a shocker, and Mzansi is still trying to connect the dots about his death.

Infamous Mamelodi businessman fingered in DJ Sumbody’s death

Well, Musa Khawula seems to have fixed the puzzle about his death. Khawula made it known that a celebrated business mogul allegedly killed the late DJ after a deal went south. The bubbly Twitter user revealed that the motive behind the murder was related to a deal gone wrong. Rumour mill has it that he was a business partner to Vusi Khekhe. After a series of failed business deals, Khekhe plotted the fall of DJ Sumbody, according to Musa Khawula.

Revealed: Musa Khawula reveals DJ Sumbody's killer
Musa Khawula – Image Credit: Instagram

Reasons behind DJ Sumbody’s death revealed

However, claims by Musa Khawula have brought about a controversial debate that has left Mzansi divided. Some think the accusations are credible since the DJ was once fingered in several illegal dealing before his death. In the backdrop of those, Sumbody once rubbished the rumours and distanced himself from dirty dealings.

On the other hand, some were more than confused about why a celebrated business mogul with a whooping net worth of millions allegedly sent hits on Sumbody, who happens to be his business partner. Nevertheless, Musa Khawulas post has sparked a nationwide investigation into the murder of DJ Sumbody and the involvement of Vusi Khekhe.

Who is Vusi Khekhe

Little is known about Vusi Khekhe. However, reports have it that he is a celebrated business mogul from Mamelodi. Despite living a life of glitz and glamour, his lavish life leaves a lot to be desired since his business dealings are unknown. In the wake of these daring allegations, he has yet to weigh into the allegations that have thrust him on top trends.

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