Video of Love-sick Somizi Mhlongo hanging out with troubled Moshe Ndiki in a truck goes viral

Watch: Love-sick Somizi Mhlongo hangs out with troubled Moshe Ndiki in a truck

Idols SA’s most senior judge and actor, Moshe Ndiki, found love as they hung together in a truck in the streets. For some time, the two stars had been looking for love, but it seemed they were both unlucky regarding relationships. Somizi even hinted at disclosing his new boyfriend before he turned 50, but it never happened. It looked as if he did not find a lover in time for his 50th birthday in December 2022.

On the other side, Moshe Ndiki is also struggling to find love since his breakup with Phelo Bala some months ago. Since then, the two stars have been getting close to each other and are now spending most of their time together. Whether or not they are in love is another question, but at least they have found the love and friendship they have been seeking. It’s fair to say that they are discovering love between themselves.

Love-sick Somizi Mhlongo and Moshe Ndiki hang out in the truck.

In a video that got so many responses from Somizi’s followers on Instagram, Somizi and Moshe looked like they had been having their best time of 2023. The two bros had been coming from Alex to eat some Kasi food, and they found some excellent transport along the way. The truck had been driving so slowly that they managed to board it quickly, but the driver changed the gears.

He increased the speed and ended up dropping the two guys so far away from home that they had to find another transport. They later find a car falling school children, and they took it home. Indeed, it was an excellent evening for the young school kids to see television stars. Also, Moshe and Somizi enjoyed their night in a way they never expected. Indeed, they live a moment they didn’t get to live most of the time with the pressure of the celebrity life.

He captioned the videos saying:

Lol how do I tell this story. So me and @moshendiki we went to Alex to eat some kasi food. Then this truck drove past and we decided to hop on lol the driver left with us and we got a bit far away from where we were. We then saw a car dropping off school kids and we hopped in. U shud have seen the shock and excitement on the kids faces. Crazy

Watch Somizi Mhlongo and Moshe Ndiki hanging out in a truck.



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