Beverly Hills In Mzansi: A look at multi-millionaire MaMkhize R45 million LaLucia mansion

Beverly Hills In Mzansi: A look at multi-millionaire MaMkhize R45 million LaLucia mansion

Shauwn Mkhize is one of South Africa’s celebrated business moguls. Her life of glitz and glamour has fast become a reality show. Of interest is the fact that she also doubles as an actress and reality star. With an estimated net worth of R450 million, her lavish life leaves a lot to be desired, from expensive exotic cars to the most expensive designer clothes.

No doubt she has the plug and the bling too. After all, her illustrious business empire offers her a luxurious life on a silver platter. Well, in the mix of things, her residence has wowed Mzansi. She is not fixed aboard but has made her Durban mansion her fortress and heaven on earth.

In the mix of things, we have managed to connect the dots about her mansion, valued at a whooping R40 million.

Of interest is the fact that the mansion boasts two enormous wings, the Southern and the Northern side. Shauwn Mkhize happens to stay on the Southern side whilst her estranged husband, Sbu Mpisane, occupies the Northern wing since their divorce case is still ongoing.

Let’s take a dive into Shauwn Mkhize’s R45 million mansion. The mansion is located in the leafy suburbs of KwaZulu-Natal. It is known as the LaLucia mansion.

Beverly Hills In Mzansi: A look at multi-millionaire MaMkhize R45 million LaLucia mansion
MaMkhize LaLucia mansion – Image Credit: Instagram


It’s a place fit for a queen. The mansion boasts high boundary walls, which are complimented with electrical fences for maximum protection. It has a two-way driveway from the main that leads you to the mansion.

R2.5 million Showroom

No doubt it’s a typical Beverly Hills mansion. It has a showroom for her exotic cars. After all, they deserve a gallery, given their million rand price tags. The famous multi-millionaire owns one of the most expensive car fleets in South Africa and Africa at large. Several sources have it that Shauwn and Sbu purchased the property adjacent to their premises demolished and incorporated it into their mansion as a showroom. Authorities have it that they acquired the land at a market value of R2.5 million.

Unconfirmed reports have it that their Showroom housed more than 20 exotic cars at some point in time, including several Rolls Royces, Maserati, Aston Martin and many more.

R2 million Entertainment Wing

In 2014 it was reported that they also bought yet another land adjacent to them and incorporated it into their R45 mansion plan. To be precise, they purchased a 1611 square meters plot, demolished the whole structure on the ground and built an entertainment pad for their son Andile.

Exterior, interior and designer furniture

The mansion is painted white and has beautiful scenery. In recent years it has been dupped as the glass house of Durban thanks to its modern architectural designs that stand out.

Little is known about how many rooms the house boasts around. But it is fully furnished with designer furniture. It has high walls complimented with chandeliers that drop dead from the ceilings. Apart from that, it has an infinity pool. A huge balcony overlooks the beautiful surrounding scenery.

House Valuation

The mansion was bought at an undisclosed fee in the early 2000s. In 2008 they renovated the house and turned it into an estate; by then, it was valued at R18. In 2017 it had gained value to R25 million.Since it’s construction a few years ago, it has achieved a market value of R45 million.

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