MaShenge is out: Dawn Thandeka King says goodbye to DiepCity

MaShenge is out: Dawn Thandeka King says goodbye to DiepCity

One of the most senior actors of DiepCity, Dawn Thandeka King (MaShenge) has left the show after many years of entertaining Mzansi. Dawn Thandeka King is a veteran actress whose presence is key to any drama in Mzansi. She becomes the second actress to leave the show in 2023 following Zikhona Bali’s exit. Hopefully, there won’t be any other key actor coming out anytime soon, otherwise it will be a sad ending to a great show.

DiepCity announced that this will be their last season and it makes sense when actors are saying goodbye looking for security. Since her debut on DiepCity in 2021, MaShenge starred and became a fan favorite only for her to leave the show in 2022. In response to the fans love, she came back in the same year resuming her role as Nox’s mother.

MaShenge is out: Dawn Thandeka King says goodbye to DiepCity
Dawn Thandeka King – Image Credit: Instagram

‘Mashenge’ Dawn Thandeka King’s goodby message upon leaving DiepCity

Posting on her Instagram, Dawn expressed so much adimiration to her MaShenge role and how much she will miss it. She also thanked the producers and fellow actors and fans who made it possible for her to excel in a difficult role. Emotionally, Dawn said:

I say goodbye to yet another amazing woman, Thandie Jele aka MaShenge, it has been an honor to be a vessel to such a powerful character, I hope she was able to teach through her story. Thank you @blackbrain_sa for the opportunity
Thank you to my onscreen family @hamiltondhlamini @iamnozuko @luyanda_s_ it was truly an honor
Love you always
Thank you to the entire cast and crew of @diepcitymzansi161
Thank you to the audience that welcomed and loved MaShenge.
Till we meet again ♥️

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What Dawn Thandeka King is popularly known for

She is best known for her role as MaNgcobo in the popular South African soap opera, Uzalo, which she has been playing since 2015. She has also appeared in numerous other television series and films, including the romantic comedy series, Single Galz, the drama series, The Road, the telefilm, The Tree, and the feature film, Kalushi.

She is also the host of the television series, Legends Unplugged and has produced several short films. Apart from her acting career, Dawn Thandeka King is an inspirational speaker and advocate for womens rights. She is a strong believer in the power of education and has established her own foundation, the Dawn Thandeka King Education Foundation, which provides educational grants and scholarships to underprivileged youth in South Africa. She is also an ambassador for Womens Health and the Voice of Young People in South Africa, and is involved in various charity organizations.



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